My name is Priscilla, and I am the Founder/Owner of GoGetYour Fit.  First, thank you for visiting our website and getting to know us and our products!

        The reason I decided to create my brand of activewear was that being a Fitness Professional (Group Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer), I wanted to wear unique activewear.  Since I started to teach Group Fitness back in 2018, (my first format was Zumba), I was always looking for something beautiful, comfortable, squat proof (of course!), and high quality.  After lots of research, I found a few companies that were willing to work with me and make my ideas come to life (do the happy dance right there!).

        I started with the leggings, and now we have a range of products to offer you.  The leggings are 4-way-stretch, which means, they fit you perfectly!!!  When I say squat proof, I mean it.  I am also BodyPump and Cycle Instructor, and I can say that those leggings are phenomenal!! 

        Of course, you can wear them to go workout, or to go out!!! I got you covered!

        Besides being a Fitness Professional, I also have a Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Business and design.  That being said, I can work with both of the subjects I love the most: Fitness and Fashion.  Besides, I enjoy creating the artworks/patterns and watching the creations come to life!

        We are working on our Accessories and HomeGoods line as well!

        If you have an idea, a request, and you want to bring it to life (on you leggings, dresses, skirts, swimwear, tops, thrown blankets…) feel free to contact us through our email info@gogetyourfit.com, send us your request/idea, and I will work closely with you to get the product ready just the way you envisioned.

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        Thank you for stopping by!!!!!  Enjoy!!!

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